Why and How Socialists Should Support the 2018 National Prison Strike

Colin Meinrath presents the reasons socialists should support the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike and how individuals and groups can help. Sacramento DSA will be holding a teach-in on how to support the Nationwide Prison Strike at the General Membership Meeting on August 18th. RSVP here. Continue reading

Pathway to a More Progressive Sacramento City Council

By James Jay Jackson, Jr.  What results can we yield from pressuring city council? Sacramento is home to a diverse scene of activist groups for a variety of causes, and the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) is one of the fastest growing organizations in the area. A consistent tactic used by DSA members, as well as groups such as Black Lives Matter or Housing for Sacramento, has been to fill up the public comment section of city council meetings with supporters. Continue reading

Immigration and Labor in CA: A Contextual and Historical Report

By James Jay Jackson, Jr.    Introduction The purpose of this report is to summarize part of the findings made by Sacramento DSA’s Research Committee on the subject of Labor and Immigration in California.  The research has been operating threefold: historical, contemporary, and prescriptive. The objective of the contextual research is to describe the history of labor’s relationship with immigration in California.  This report will strictly focus on the contextual part of the committee’s research. A further objective of the contextual research is to understand how the relationship between immigration and labor developed specifically in California. This report will attempt to show through a historical lense that the relationship between labor and immigration has been founded in crisis.[1] The intention of a contextual basis is to help the committee surmise what a socialist immigration platform will look like.  The difficulty of such an endeavor must also be noted. It must be disclosed in order to create a full analysis that Marx did not have a declared theory on migration. [2] Continue reading

Tents Aren't Enough

By C.R. Mills Mayor Darrell Steinberg recently announced he wants to put up three large tents in Sacramento to provide shelter for homeless people. Steinberg described the structures, which can each fit 200 people, as temporary, a step on the road towards receiving city services and ultimately permanent housing. Yet without a parallel effort to build thousands of affordable homes throughout the region, these tents simply provide a way for city leaders to push a major public problem out of sight without actually addressing it. Continue reading

Sacramento DSA 2018 Endorsements

On April 29th the Sacramento DSA general membership engaged in 8 hours of candidate interviews and deliberation of electoral strategy. The end result is a slate of four candidates that reflect the values of the chapter and that we believe will make strides toward the democratic socialist world we want to create.     Continue reading

DSA Sacramento Stands in Solidarity with Striking UC Workers

  Highly-paid executives at the University of California continue their austerity march, driving down wages and exploiting racialized poverty on campuses and medical centers. AFSCME 3299, the largest union at the University of California, has been negotiating for a year and is at an impasse. AFSCME will be joined in sympathy strikes by the California Nurses Association (CNA) and the Union of Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE-CWA 9119). Pickets will be held across 10 campuses, 5 medical centers, and various clinics and laboratories throughout the state. With 53,000 workers in all, this will be the largest strike in the history of the University of California. Continue reading

Not One More: A Statement on Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old father of two, was murdered by Sacramento Police on March 18, 2018. Shortly after his death, Sacramento PD claimed that Mr. Clark fit the description of a man armed with a “toolbar” breaking windows and that they mistook his cellphone for a firearm. Stephon Clark was pursued with military grade aviation vehicles and murdered over broken windows — private property was once again deemed more valuable than a father of two, a partner, a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend, a man. Continue reading

The False Argument Against Rent Control

By C.R. Mills Facing massive rent increases, tenants throughout Sacramento want and need respite from the brutal housing market. They’re being forced out of their homes and out of the city, leaving behind broken social bonds and holes in the communities they belonged to. Rent control offers an affordable public policy solution to their woes. Continue reading

Luxury Development for the Rich, Displacement and Dispossession for the Poor

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego oppose the proposed state-level legislation Senate Bill 827. Despite the most recent amendments (as of March 1, 2018), the bill continues to put forth a flawed market-based, trickle-down approach to housing production and allocation — predicated on the actions of developers and landowners whose profits depend on scarcity, class inequality, and racial injustice. We believe that this bill will intensify gentrification and displacement, and thus we join a growing movement of progressive grassroots organizations across the state that criticize SB 827. Continue reading

How Can Voters Trust Ami Bera?

By James Jackson Jr. Ami Bera, Democrat for District 7 of California in the House of Representatives, has a terrible record for a medical professional presenting himself as a progressive. Continue reading