Costa-Hawkins and Why It Matters

By C.R. Mills As the local battle to enact rent control in Sacramento heats up, so does another fight on the front to make housing a human right in California. A longtime dream of housing activists - repealing the Costa-Hawkins Act, which severely restricts the ability of cities to implement strong rent control programs - appears ready for prime time. The state legislature will hold a hearing on axing it this Thursday morning. Should lawmakers ultimately fail to kill Costa-Hawkins, activists plan to put a repeal before voters with a ballot measure this November. Continue reading

Rent Control Opponents Heavily Funding Sacramento Politicians

By C.R. Mills As our local housing market continues to overheat, rent control would put a much-needed brake on the growing trend of Sacramento residents being forced from their homes due to major rent increases. A low-cost policy proven to work elsewhere with growing support from housing activists, rent control would seem a slam dunk for local politicians seeking a simple way to ease the suffering caused by the housing crisis and prevent long-time Sacramentans from leaving the city. Continue reading

The Approaching Battle for Rent Control

  Over 100 tenants attending a recent community forum for renter's rights organized by Housing 4 Sacramento. By C.R. Mills Sacramento faces skyrocketing rents as an onslaught of new and higher-income residents move into the city. As landlords raise their tenants’ rent, long-term residents with deep ties to their community grow increasingly at risk of being forced out of the City or onto its streets. Local residents and activists have begun to look towards rent control as a powerful tool to help address this crisis. They face a tough battle. Continue reading

A Statement in Remembrance of Michael Israel

Today, like many days, we remember Michael Israel- our fallen comrade and former co-chair of the Sacramento chapter of the Democratic Socialists Continue reading

The Human Impact of Rent Hikes and What We Can Do

By C.R. Mills Shelly Williams, the single mother of a two-year-old son, describes the period of time after discovering her landlord would be raising her rent beyond what she could afford as terrifying. “It almost broke me,” said Williams, who worried she could end up on the streets, losing her child in the process. “There were times my depression and anxiety were so great, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through.”     Continue reading

Why I Pay Dues to DSA

Preface: I intended to post this on November 8th, but ended up being hospitalized with appendicitis that day. I’m finally home from the hospital and am able to post this piece, along with one important update: over a dozen DSA members won seats across the country in the November 2017 elections in a thrilling testimony to the real-life potential of DSA and the leftist struggle overall. Continue reading

What We're Facing

By C.R. Mills If you’re a renter in Sacramento, looking West may fill you with trepidation. A steady stream of residents continues to approach from the Bay Area, with no signs of letting up. While these new residents bring with them the potential for more vibrancy in the region, they also bring an unsettling prospect - rising rents as our housing market gets increasingly squeezed.  Continue reading

Hannah Williams Responds to Ryan Lillis

Sacramento DSA Member Hannah Williams Responds to Sacramento Bee City Beat Piece "Community watch or ‘bourgeois snitches?’ Facebook group pushes city to clear homeless" Ryan Lillis, September 29, 2017 Continue reading

2017 DSA Sac Election Info & Results

On Sunday, September 17th, DSA Sacramento held elections for it’s 2017-2018 Executive Board. Continue reading