What We're Facing

By C.R. Mills If you’re a renter in Sacramento, looking West may fill you with trepidation. A steady stream of residents continues to approach from the Bay Area, with no signs of letting up. While these new residents bring with them the potential for more vibrancy in the region, they also bring an unsettling prospect - rising rents as our housing market gets increasingly squeezed.  Continue reading

Hannah Williams Responds to Ryan Lillis

Sacramento DSA Member Hannah Williams Responds to Sacramento Bee City Beat Piece "Community watch or ‘bourgeois snitches?’ Facebook group pushes city to clear homeless" Ryan Lillis, September 29, 2017 Continue reading

2017 DSA Sac Election Info & Results

On Sunday, September 17th, DSA Sacramento held elections for it’s 2017-2018 Executive Board. Continue reading