Upcoming Events

  • Racial Solidarity Committee Meeting

    • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 07:00 PM
    • ACCE Office in Sacramento, CA

    Come find out how you can get involved in our current projects!

    We need your help to drive the direction of the committee going forward! Bring your productive criticisms, ideas, and thoughts about how we can fight racism and capitalism in Sacramento!

  • Healthcare Committee Meeting

    The healthcare committee is fighting to create a cheaper, more efficient healthcare system that would provide quality healthcare to everybody with no copays or deductibles, both in California (SB 562) and nationally (S. 1782, H.R. 676).

    We will review our efforts and make plans for canvassing, business outreach, faith outreach, short videos, educational events, etc. And we will phone bank!!!!

    For more information:

    Email phillipkim@gmail.com for location

  • Beer and Roses

    Every first Friday is our socialist and labor solidarity happy hour!

    Join local leftists and union activists to talk about politics, organizing, and strategies for the labor movement. Or eat some french fries, have some drinks, and be merry with your comrades!

  • Game Night

    • Saturday, March 09, 2019 at 05:30 PM
    • Belle Cooledge Library


    Join Sacramento Democratic Socialists for a family friendly GAME NIGHT!

    Board Games
    Card Games
    Video Games
    Snacks & Drinks

    All ages welcome!
    Saturday 3/9, 5:30pm
    Belle Cooledge Library Community Room
    5600 South Land Park Drive


  • Bob Wing Author Presentation

    Bob Wing is an Asian-American activist and organizer with 50 years of experience, beginning with the Third World Student Strike at UC Berkeley in 1968 that led to the establishment of Ethnic Studies. His work has focused on anti-racism and its connections to anti-imperialism and class politics. He was a founding editor of the racial justice publication Colorlines, and the anti-war publication War Times/Tiempo de Guerras. Bob has worked with many organizations and movements, including recently with the Moral Mondays movement in Durham, North Carolina.

    Sponsored by The Marxist School of Sacramento and DSA Sacramento