2022 Local Convention

Stay up-to-date with all the developments of our chapter's Local Convention this year!

Come join Sacramento DSA for its annual Local Convention on Saturday, September 17th from 1-5pm.

Local Conventions are the "highest deliberative body of the Local to amend its structure and decide the political priorities of the Local between Local Conventions".

This year, we are hosting the Local Convention both on Zoom and in-person.

Only dues-paying members can make motions and vote, so if you want to fully participate, please become a member of DSA today!


 🌹 Zoom participants: Please register using the Zoom registration link here.

 🌹 In-Person participants: Please register using this Action Network RSVP. RSVP'ing via Action Network is the first step in registering in-person. The Local Convention will be taking place at Colonial Heights Library, 4799 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95820. You will need to check-in at the registration table in-person. More information forthcoming.


Program includes:

  • E-Board Yearly Report
  • Finance Report
  • Proposed Bylaw Amendments - discussion and voting
  • Submitted Resolutions - discussion and voting
  • Presentation by National DSA's Labor Committee

Please register by the start of the Local Convention; we will only take a look at late registrations on a case-by-case basis.

Important Dates Leading up to the Event

Resolution and Bylaw Amendments

Consent Calendar

In order to streamline procedure and to assure ample time for debate, the Local Convention Working Group collaborated on a draft for a consent calendar.

A consent calendar is a list of proposals which are considered non-controversial and likely to pass unanimously, so they are put into a list and passed as a single vote with no debate.

If however 3 or more people object to something being on the consent calendar before the convention, it will be removed and added to the roster for debate. You can voice your objection to us via email at DSASacramento@gmail.com. Please only voice objections if you are registered and planning to attend the convention.

View the Consent Calendar Here.

Leadership Elections

The Local Convention will also be the first day of voting. Please view our E-Board Candidates and their responses to the questionnaire here, including recording of the Candidate Forum.

  • Saturday, September 10th: E-Board Candidate Forum - Register Here!
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm via Zoom

Convention Rules

The rules of the convention will be voted on for approval by our members at the beginning of the event. They can be found here.