2020 Local Convention

Stay up-to-date with all the developments of our chapter's first ever local convention!

Sacramento DSA is hosting it's first ever local convention on Sunday September 20th 2020 at 11:30a.m. via Zoom.* In 2019, the general membership decided via a series of votes to begin hosting a yearly chapter convention- also referred to as a local convention. The purpose of the local convention is to deliberate, debate, and ultimately democratically decide the direction the chapter will go for the next year of organizing. We will also be electing our leadership for the 2020-2021 term.

REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION HERE:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEldOmurTIvEtDavb572A3CGV3pCORPjIpk

If you plan on attending, please register by SEPTEMBER 16th, 2020.**

**Please note that the registration window has officially closed. Last minute registrations will be considered on a case by case basis.**

Our Chapter bylaws were amended by the 2019 general membership decision to host a local convention:

Section 1.
The Local Convention will be the highest deliberative body of the Local to amend its structure and decide the political priorities of the Local between Local Conventions.
It shall be convened once a year before the conclusion of the annual terms of our elected officers and requires a Voting Quorum.
Section 2.
The Executive Committee is required to facilitate an annual Local Convention[*]. All convention rules shall be written by ad hoc working group, be posted to the entire membership 30 days in advance of a Local Convention, be amendable, and require ratification by 2⁄3 majority at the commencement of the Local Convention.

A local convention working group, open to any DSA member in good standing, has been hard at work to iron out the details of the event, including the timeline in the run up to the convention.

Important Dates Leading up to the Event

  • Monday, September 7th: Registration Closes
  • Friday, September 4th: Beer & Roses: Pre- Convention Mixer
  • Saturday, September 12th: E-Board Candidate Forum (via zoom) https://zoom.us/j/99217599589?pwd=bDhZSUpjZmxySVBVM0dBVDhZWEV2Zz09
  • Also be on the lookout for discourse-, education-, and training-centered events leading up to the convention.

Resolution and Bylaw Amendments

Please note that submissions were due by March 3 and are no longer being accepted

Resolutions consist of 2 portions, a justification or background information about why the resolution is important or necessary and the resolution or action steps necessary to fulfill the resolution.

Click here to read all proposed resolutions and bylaw amendments

Resolution Amendments

For all submitted resolutions, any DSA member in good standing may submit a proposed amendment. This is the opportunity to edit or amend a resolution in a manner that you think improves the resolution in some way. Amendments to resolutions are due by August 6th.*

*Please note that the submission window for amendments has closed.

Consent Calendar

In order to streamline procedure and to assure ample time for debate, the Local Convention Working Group and the SacDSA E-board collaborated on a draft for a consent calendar.

A consent calendar is a list of proposals which are considered non-controversial and likely to pass unanimously, so they are put into a list and passed as a single vote with no debate.

If however 3 or more people object to something being on the consent calendar before the convention, it will be removed and added to the roster for debate. You can voice your objection to us via email at DSASacramento@gmail.com. Please only voice objections if you are registered and planning to attend the convention.

View the consent calendar here.

Leadership Elections

The chapter convention will also be taking place on the same day as our chapter elections. If you are planning to vote in our convention election please register for the convention so that we can send you an online ballot, even if you are not planning to attend the convention.

You can nominate either yourself or a comrade for any position until AUGUST 14, 2020!*

*The nomination window has closed.

A list of the candidates can be found in your convention packet.

Convention Rules

The rules of the convention will be voted on for approval by our members at the beginning of the event. This information can be found in the convention packet.