Rally To Welcome Black & Brown's March for Justice & Demand Accountability

We will be rallying outside of the California State Attorney General's office in solidarity with 9 comrades from San Francisco who are currently marching to Sacramento to demand that the CA Attorney General support the prosecution of killer cops. 

As Socialists and abolitionists, we stand in solidarity with communities who are fighting for justice and liberation from state oppression and white supremacy. Please join us in welcoming comrades from San Francisco and joining their voices to demand that CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra and SF District Attorney George Gascon carry out justice. 

As our comrades from San Francisco-members of the Black & Brown movement-have said, "Police Brutality is the step daughter of racism; racism is the step son of capitalism. The real problem for us as working class people of color and workers in the general is capitalism."

From the organizers:

March for Justice/ Peace: 

Members of the Black & Brown movement from the community of San Francisco have come together to march from San Francisco to Sacramento City Hall on October 6th,2017. This action is taking place to bring awareness to the countless murders by the San Francisco Police Department without any accountability or consequences, we are demanding that Attorney General Xavier Becerra does what District Attorney George Gascon is having such a difficult time doing, while that is him having difficulty in charging the police officers that have taken the lives of our brothers and sisters with murder!

Black & Brown is about empowering ourselves to decide what is it we want for ourselves and our children. Black & Brown is about getting back our voices in an organized way, struggle to educate our community, unite our communities, and fight for right as a Black & Brown community with dignity and respect. We invite you to join the movement to build a better world for ourselves and our children! 

We have 9 confirmed marchers: 

Maria Christina Gutierrez aka "Mama Christina", 67.
Nancy Scott-Cayce, 59.
Victor Picazo, 47.
Ilyich Sato aka "Equipto", 43.
Ike Ali Pinkston, 43.
Christian L. Ceron, 28. 
Larry Dorsey Jr., 26.
Mike Evans Jr, 22. 
Michael Chapman Jr, 16. 

It is a 14-day march, with 95 miles.

They will be stopping and going through 11 different cities:

- Mill Valley ~ 10/6
- San Rafael ~ 10/7 
- Petaluma ~ 10/8
- Novato ~ 10/9 
- Sonoma ~ 10/10
- Napa ~ 10/11
- Fairfield ~ 10/12
- Vacaville ~ 10/13-14 
- Dixon ~ 10/15
- Davis ~ 10/16-17
- Sacramento 10/18