The Radical Lens of the Newsreel Collective

An Evening of Provocative Film and Discussion

The Newsreel Collective was a national collective of revolutionary filmmakers in the US who produced some of the most important agitational and documentary films of the 1960s. Newsreel filmed from the people’s side of struggle, and left behind one of the most important filmic archives of the 1960s—struggles and issues and ideas still vital to activists today. If you have seen original footage of the Black Panther Party, guerilla warfare in Vietnam, or youth revolts in the streets of the US, you have probably seen the work of the Newsreel Collective.

Jesse Drew, professor of cinema and digital media at UC Davis, lived collectively with Newsreel members as a teenage runaway and radical activist. He will present Newsreel shorts that highlight the influence of the collective and how activists today can benefit from their work. Films shown will include Columbia Revolt, on the militant take-over of Columbia University that united students and Black residents of Harlem, and People’s War, shot behind “enemy” lines during the height of the Vietnam War. The influence of Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alvarez and the 1930’s Film and Photo League, the NYC-based working-class documentary unit, will also be presented.

Sunday, November 5, 2017, 7-9PM 1714 Broadway in Sacramento

This event is free! Refreshments will be available!