Prisoner Solidarity Night

Sacramento Solidarity Network organizes this event Sunday nights to write letters to people who are currently incarcerated.

Here are some reasons why you may want to come join us:

- For people who have loved ones inside, writing letters in a community setting can be less isolating and more healing
- There are a lot of people locked up in jails/prisons who are looking for pen-pals—if this is your first time joining, consider becoming pen-pals with someone, or simply come to learn more
- Many in the US are locked up for their part in liberation struggles, even as US diplomats condemn other regimes for holding political prisoners
- If you aren't able to commit to writing someone regularly, you can still send letters of support to folks who are surviving in an incredibly dehumanizing environment
- You can also send people helpful political information!

**Supplies provided include**
- paper, stamps and envelopes
- leaflets on how to start a letter
- zines, booklets and newsletters
- lists of prisoners to write

**Things to bring with you**
- extra stamps
- a computer or notepad
- cash for some amazing food
- any reading material on prison issues