Revolution in Rojava: A Conversation With Brace Belden

PissPigGrandad comes to Sacramento!

Two years ago, the Islamic State launched an assault on the Kurdish city of Kibanî in northern Syria, in what was widely reported to be the organizations final capture of Kurdish Syria. But by January, revolutionary militias led by men and women (YPG/YPJ) successfully pushed the Islamic State out of the city, marking a turning point where the revolutionary socialist and feminist forces in Rojava began winning a series of decisive battles against the reactionary Islamic State.

The inspired scores of socialists and anarchists from around the world to join them in their fight. Michael Israel, former co-chair of Sacramento DSA, died fighting alongside YPG last November. But it was a twitter character, Brace Belden, otherwise known as @PissPigGrandad, that introduced the revolution in Rojava to many young Americans.

Join us for an evening of high class conversation with PissPigGrandad about a living revolution, the role of international volunteers, and at Rojava means for our prospects prospects of a free and equal society.