SacTRU Campaign Kickoff

This is an event hosted by Sacramento Transit Riders Union, not DSA Sacramento. Description below:


Join us as we kickoff the launch of our Sacramento Transit Riders Union! 

What is a Transit Riders Union? It's simple really.

A TRANSIT RIDERS UNION is an independent, democratic, member-run union of transit riders organizing for a better public transit system in SACRAMENTO. 

Sacramento Transit Riders Union Campaign

The Plan: 
• Developing and conducting an independent Transit Riders’ Survey, to be conducted on board with computer tablets using industry standard survey program to capture and aggregate data in order to facilitate policy, systems, and organizational change at regional transit;
• Create and distribute community educational informational outreach materials;
• Facilitate the formation of a robust Sacramento Transit Riders Union (Sac TRU) made up of regional transit riders, workers, community coalition partners & others to participate in decisions affecting system wide services;
• Increase investment in making service more affordable and extensive, restoring past cuts;
• Hosting public community meetings to train individuals from impacted transit communities on how to engage effectively in public transportation advocacy, communicate with RT, and to join the Sacramento Transit Riders Union (Sac T.R.U.). 

We will be organizing, training and mobilizing community volunteers to conduct the survey over the next 3 months. 

Our strategy to address public transit deficiencies includes an extensive education and outreach campaign in underserved neighborhoods and on transit routes, a comprehensive media campaign including a website, social media pages and informational outreach printed materials. As Sac TRU, we will collectively build power to advocate effectively with the decision makers at our transit agency to ensure that our riders and workers demands are met.

We have already begun coordinating outreach and education efforts with groups such as 350 Sacramento, the Environmental Council of Sacramento and other local advocacy organizations & unions. To accomplish all of our goals, we need you to join us!


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